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Executive Leadership Coaching

Confidence in Your Ability to Adapt

Coaching can be one among several supports that leaders use to enhance their leadership skills and at the same time benefit from input and guidance from an external party available specifically to them. Successful leaders must learn how to manage the relationships with their managers across organizational lines, laterally with colleagues, and manage their direct reports. A leader’s job is to get the best from his/her team, and there are several ways to do that successfully.

A coach’s role is to help you choose the right approach for you and then support you in executing with confidence. Together we agree upon a set of goals and objectives you wish to achieve, and then evaluate the best way to accomplish them by identifying barriers and challenges that hinder success and develop a strategy to address them. We will also identify what success and a winning future looks like to you. The workplace has become a dynamic and yet complicated place as four generations of people are all working together. People are living and working longer, they are more diverse; and young professionals are assuming roles of increasing responsibility and impact in their company or organization. Knowing how to negotiate these new dynamics is important and facilitates greater success as a leader.

The effectiveness of a coaching relationship is one in which trust, confidentiality and transparency are key. My job is to get to know you and adapt our approach to what I learn and know about you. Your job is to be amenable to hearing and giving feedback, making changes when necessary, and being honest about what you want and clear about the goals you wish to achieve.

I am available to meet at your convenience if you think that working with a coach is something you want and from which you could benefit.

Executive Leadership Coaching: Coaching
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