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Now is the Time to Stay the Course

Wake up everyone and hold onto your hats! Dems, Independents, the unaffiliated, please stay Woke. There is so much going on in this nation, it’s enough to make your head spin. But we cannot allow the overwhelming feelings of bombardment from all directions force us to take our eye off the ball. The upcoming midterms and the presidential election of 2024 are two of the most important opportunities to correct major challenges to democracy in over 50 years! We must stay focused, committed to registering all those you know that are not registered-especially young people; participate in strategic efforts to vote and fight voter suppression; and stay abreast of the news and the political impact of that news.

The recent DOJ charges against the police officers that killed Brianna Taylor; the trial of Alex Jones who fabricated false stories about the Sandy Hook murders; the DOJ subpoena of Pat Cipollone, Trump’s White House Counsel; the sentencing of the first Jan 6 terrorist who tried of overthrow our government; the Jan 6 Commission that presented a strong and compelling case against our former president and his supporters; the recent testimony in New York by the Trump children about the fraudulent activities of the Trump businesses; the overwhelming and unexpected success in Kansas striking down potential anti-abortion legislation; the banning of books in schools; and even the sentencing of Brittany Griner, which we all know is unjust and politically motivated. There are more examples, but you

get my point. Exercising our vote and participating in the voter registration and mobilization of others; and being part of the many advocacy and public policy activities going on in communities across the country are all necessary to preserve our democracy.

Believe it or not, all these examples are related to one another because they speak to the questionable administration of justice in America, and in the instance of Brittany Griner, in world affairs. Will the DOJ truly hold anyone and everyone accountable for breaking the law? Will Americans speak up for the preservation of our democracy? Will we vote to get rid of the political miscreants that are working and have worked to tear down our country? We can do that in America-in fact, it is our responsibility as Americans! Our first decisive action needs to be taken in November 2022 and again in 2024

Stay vigilant, do not get tired now. We’re running a marathon, not a sprint. I say we must get mad, but then get even-Vote. Our lives literally depend on it.


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